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Every Step of the Way

This song was inspired by wounded Marine TJ Brooks and his wife Stephanie who met at Wounded Warrior project while he recovered after his Afghanistan tour.

7 Days in Maine

This song features Annie Mac on vocals and sax.

Om Will Take You Home
The band toured last year in support of this album. Listen to “Should Have Been You”, “I Am The Mountain” and the Title Track “Om Will Take You Home” here. The music is focused on positive mindful energy and beauty as a means of changing the world one song at a time.

Should Have Been You
We don’t get the time back to spend with the loved ones once they are gone. Suicide, Cancer, Parental Alienation, Hate, Greed and a host of other bad things prevent us from spending the time that we should with loved ones. Some we control, some we don’t but they are all obstacles to love.

I am the Mountain
Praise to our spiritual leaders that teach us Love and Kindness. Victory to those who reach enlightenment. Our teachers are the mountains on which the kingdom of love is built. We are forever when we are connected to that energy.

Om Will Take You Home
Meditation is the key to enlightenment. It takes us home to the true genuine self that is eternal. This song is a calling to all to meditate to get back home which we are meant to do and live in this life or the next.

Songs For Family and Friends
“Songs for Family and Friends” is an original collection of songs about our family and loved ones. The album includes the song “Forever Came Too Soon” about the gift of our lives and the tragedy of suicide.

Forever Came Too Soon
Life is precious and our souls eternal. A life cut short by choice is a tragedy beyond compare. We need to teach our children and teens with love that the moments of despair do pass, things do get better and that we each have the tools within our hearts to get through these moments. It is our birthright to be loved by others and ourselves as long as we are meant to be not by our choice. This is a song for someone whose life and death touched us deeply. All profit from the album will be donated to charities that promote suicide prevention, including the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, and early mindfulness and meditation programs for children and teens.

The First One
We love each our children equally and, hopefully, unconditionally. We love them all the same and differently. Each one is special and unique. We have a special place in our hearts and souls for the first child and that first moment of joy and gratitude. This is a song for my first one, the first princess, the one and only.

I Believe
Our souls are eternal and are capable of great growth from one life to the next. This is a song for my dad, Thomas Sparling, who left us too soon and my deep belief that he is continuing to grow now and would have had he not been taken too soon. He is with us still but we miss him.

Man’s Best Friend
I wrote and performed this with my youngest, the new princess. We miss having a dog and came up with this song as a way to remember how special it is to have one. We are still looking but someday soon….

Better Man Than Me
It is every parent’s dream that their children do better than you in life and have more love, kindness and understanding. If we live to see it, we are fortunate. Sometimes it happens a lot sooner than you expect and all you can do is be overcome with pride and a great sense of gratitude. This is a song for my wonderful, unique and brave son Joseph.